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Elevation Burger: Reaching New Heights

I was fortunate to attend a preview event at Elevation Burger’s newest location in Brier Creek (Raleigh, NC).  All attendees were given a chance to try anything on the menu on the house.

One day, I noticed that the old Ritz/Wolf Camera location had signs over its windows and posters announcing Elevation Burger – Coming Soon!  Excited to see a new food location in my neck of the woods, I kept my eyes on the local foodies for details.  Ironically, while I was reading USA Today Travel’s Section (I read this like a businessman reads the Wall Street Journal), I noticed a review on Elevation Burger.  At first I thought it would be another premium burger joint waiting to grease my arteries.  But as I began to read the article, this is not your ordinary burger joint.

Elevation Burger (with cheese, lettuce, tomato, Elevation Sauce, and Caramelized Onions)

Elevation Burger (with cheese, lettuce, tomato, Elevation Sauce, and Caramelized Onions)

Starting with the base of the burger, they use 100% organic, grass-fed beef.   I witnessed this on my first bite of this burger.  It was juicy and fresh.  I could even tell that the tomatoes were fresh.  It was so fresh; it took awhile for my taste buds to figure out which was juicier,  the meat or the tomato.  I added the Elevation Sauce, which added a nice sweet, tangy taste to it.

Fries. Hand-Cut and Cooked in Olive Oil

Fries. Hand-Cut and Cooked in Olive Oil

With the burger, I also ordered a side of fries.  These fries are cooked with olive oil. This means they are healthier for you over other fries, and they don’t lose their great taste.  They are fresh-cut, too, but long and thin like shoestrings.  In addition to the burger and fries, there were samples of the Chocolate, Oreo, and Banana shakes.  I am more of a vanilla kind of guy, but I do appreciate good chocolate!

Many times, burger places are very carnivore-driven.  I overheard the owner, Marc Finch, mention that  the Vegan (Veggie #2) burger taste more like a burger than  Veggie.   Perhaps my next visit I will try the Vegan to compare (and I am not a Vegan/Veggie person).

Inside the Brier Creek Location

Inside the Brier Creek Location

However, the difference does not stop at the food.  The restaurant has an open feel with exposed ductwork.  The restaurant uses sustainable materials such as bamboo flooring and tables made with sorghum grass.  There are recycling cans in the waste area.  Marc, the owner, came around and gave me the story on their positive environmental impact.  He even mentioned that the olive oil was converted to biodiesel fuel and grease for compost.

Nice day, like today, eat outside on their patio.

Nice day, like today, eat outside on their patio.

With great quality, does come great cost.  For the Elevation Burger (2 patty burger), fries, and a soda, my bill would have been $13 with tax.  I think this is fair, but those paying for others may not feel the same.  They do offer a Kid’s Burger, which is one patty and the amount of fries could be shared between two people (it is 520 calories, so that wouldn’t be a bad thing).  Frequent visitors are rewarded with their punch card system.  For each patty ordered, the card is punched.  Seven patties = one card, which gives you a free Kid’s Burger.  Two cards would result in an Elevation Burger.

One punch per Patty.  Eat 7 (whole card) = One Kid Burger.  2 cards = Elevation Burger

One punch per Patty. Eat 7 (whole card) = One Kid Burger. 2 cards = Elevation Burger

Overall, I was very impressed with the concept.  It really is a different quick and casual dining experience.  Also, with this store being the only store between the DC area to South Florida (Naples, Dadeland, Coral Springs, and Miami Lakes),  foodies will flock to the Brier Creek location to reach Elevation.  I am very high on this place and should be on every burger fans to-do list.

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On August 17th, Elevation Burger will be hosting a grand opening event.  They are collecting school supplies for local schools including Brier Creek Elementary, a school they sponsor.  Most of the events, which include a photo booth, coloring sheets and prizes, will be held from Noon to 5pm.

One thought on “Elevation Burger: Reaching New Heights

  1. Great commentary about the cost. That is one thing people have mentioned to me, but I agree it is in line with the quality. I am a big fan of organic food and am willing to pay more for it. I’m hungry now!

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